Larch timber beam

Timber beam is a product made from the heartwood and having a square or rectangular cross-section. With a thickness of 100 mm and over, timber beam is used for heavy construction works like log constructions, foundations, frameworks, etc.

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Larch timber beam
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There are different types of timber beams: standard (non-profiled), profiled (with a specific profile) and laminated (consisting of multiple layers of thin wood glued together).

Once installed, profiled timber beam doesn’t require any additional finishing.

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Timber beam price

Larch timber beam is highly valued for its strength and density as compared with other types of wood. For example it doesn’t twist, split or shrink under mechanical loads.

Since timber beam is mostly used for heavy construction works (frame structures, foundations, shuttering, etc.), its low water permeability becomes of great importance.

Neither wet climate, nor temperature drops shall bring any negative effect to the wood.

And it is not surprising, because Siberian larch grows in areas where the temperature drops below 50°C. Buildings made from larch beams stand for centuries, and over the time the wood improves its characteristics.

To prove this it’s enough to mention that larch was used during the construction of Saint Petersburg, and Venice has been standing on its larch piles more than 1500 years.

Thanks to its thermal properties and density, timber beam from Siberian larch accumulates and stores heat, which makes it irreplaceable in our climate. Once you’ve built a house from timber beam, you may be sure it will stand for years without shrinks and cracks. Moreover, you’ll enjoy warm and comfortable microclimate all year round.

Below are the key characteristics of Siberian larch timber:

  • Density and hardness;
  • Water resistance;
  • Wear resistance;
  • Thermal properties.

Larch timber beam is widely used in the construction industry. Using it you may not only make foundations or shuttering, but implement interior decorating plans, such as staircases, windows, doors and other design elements.

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What is “Russian Style”? It is high quality Siberian larch timber: floor board, faux timber beam, decking, European lining board, timber beam, block-house, furniture board, facade board. See the price of larch timber beam on the Price page. To buy larch timber beam is easy! Just call or email us.