Larch furniture board

Furniture board is a structural material that consists of several glued boards (strips) and is used for interior design and pieces of furniture.

Furniture board
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Furniture board may be of two different types: solid (single-piece) and glued (longitudinally joined strips).

Strips are put together in such a manner that the direction of layers does not coincide.

This reduces internal wood stress and almost eliminates possible deformation of furniture board.

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Furniture board production

At “Russian Style”, the process of furniture board production complies with the highest technology standards of drying and gluing, that’s why the board retains all the essential characteristics of larchwood. It is strong and moisture resistant; it withstands harsh temperatures and high humidity. Therefore, being crack proof and warp resistant, furniture board is the best material for light construction works and furniture making.

In addition to its service characteristics, larchwood is remarkable for its outside appearance. Almost free of knots, the wood can boast of beautiful structure and pleasant rich colours. No wonder larch furniture board is such popular in making furniture facades, pieces of furniture and interior joinery.

One of the key advantages of larch furniture board is its longevity. Be sure that things made from it will last for years and preserve their outward appearance.

Furniture board from Siberian larch is highly valued for the following properties:

  • Moisture and freeze-thaw resistance;
  • Strength and warp resistance;
  • Ecological cleanness and aesthetics.

Affordability, convenience and easy to care for make larch furniture board an indispensable material.

Its application area is quite large and is not limited to furniture making only.

Furniture board is widely used in decorating works, namely in making staircases, window sills, tabletops, door and window jambs, wall and ceiling panels, pieces of furniture.

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