Larch faux timber beam

Faux timber beam is a planed siding board which has a bevel and tongue and groove joint. With thickness of 20 mm or more, it is used to coat inside and outside walls that are made from different materials such as stone, bricks, concrete blocks, etc. As a rule, wider faux timber beams are used to finish exterior walls, while narrow boards are used inside.

Larch faux timber beam sale

Faux timber beam 1
  • Full size21х116 cm.
  • Size21х110 cm.
  • Extra28,75 €
  • Premium25 €
  • A22,5 €
  • AB15,25 €
  • B10,5 €

In terms of design and technology, faux timber beam is similar to European lining board and block-house.

Being made ​​of solid wood, it is subjected to intensive drying in a special chamber and has tongued and grooved edges.

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Faux timber beam 2
  • Full size21х142 cm.
  • Size21х136 cm.
  • Extra28,75 €
  • Premium25 €
  • A22,5 €
  • AB15,25 €
  • B10,5 €

However, in contrast to block-house, faux timber beam is flat on both sides and its edges are beveled.

Like beam, faux beam retains all unique characteristics of larchwood, namely strength, longevity, rot and water resistance, ability to stand temperature extremes and insects.

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Faux timber beam price

Another competitive advantage is enhanced thermal and sound insulation of larch faux beam and low weight if compared with a standard beam.

Being easy to assemble, it ensures quick installation and almost seamless surface, which altogether make faux beam very popular. A house coated with faux beam looks like a house made of solid sawn wood beams.

Faux beam has some competitive advantages:

  • Tongue and groove joint (ease of assembly);
  • Gapless mounting;
  • Lower weight as compared to beam and higher strength as compared to lining board.

Main benefits of faux beam from Siberian larch:

  • Moisture resistance;
  • Thermal and sound insulation;
  • Biological resistance to fungi and insects;
  • Strength.

Faux beam makes a great addition to any interior or exterior project thanks to its characteristics and design aesthetics.

One can use it to finish walls made of stone or any other material, as well as to decorate the inside of a room. To boost thermal and sound insulation, it is recommended during installation to leave a gap between the wall and faux beams and use thermal insulation materials.

Faux timber beam buy

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