Larch decking

Deck board is a planed board made of solid wood and intended to be used all year round in the open air. The surface of a deck board can be different – either riffled or plain. The riffled surface (the so called velvet) not just prevents slipping, which makes it safer in use, but helps water flow away.

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Larch decking
  • Full size28х140 cm.
  • Size28х140 cm.
  • Extra37,5 €
  • Premium33,75 €
  • A27,5 €
  • AB18,75 €
  • B15 €

Larch decking is ideal for outdoors purposes, i.e. for laying the floor on terraces, patio or veranda, for scaffolding and making berth, piers, wooden platforms, for garden landscaping, etc.

Thanks to the specific mixture of gum and resin the board will not become a victim of fungi and wood borers, while tannins protect it against rot.

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Decking price

Larch decking can be exposed to high and low temperatures and is well known for its water and moisture resistance. Neither heavy rains, nor winter storms, nor high water will bring any harm to it. Moreover, one will be satisfied with its advantages in hot sunny days: thanks to low heat conductivity, larch deck boards will stay cool and pleasant.

Along with oak, walnut and beech, larch is a hardwood. That means it is impact-resistant and is ideal for areas, where damage may occur, e.g. outdoors.

Moreover its wear-resistant characteristics increase with ages. Although used in the open air, larch decking doesn’t require any specific care, however you can cover it with special oil to keep its natural colour and be sure it will serve for a long time.

Larch decking is used to:

  • Install floors (terraces, verandas, pavilions, garden walks, pool pathways);
  • Construct berths, piers, wooden platforms, scaffolds;
  • Finish saunas, bathrooms and other wet locations;
  • Decorate balconies, semi-recessed balconies.

Key advantages of larch decking:

  • Water and moisture resistance;
  • Freeze-thaw resistance;
  • Wear resistance and hardness.


Decking buy

At Trading House “Russian Style” you can buy different larch timber products, such as decking, European lining board, timber beam, faux timber beam, block-house, floor board, furniture board, facade board. Larch decking: see the Price page. How to buy larch decking? Just call us ____ or make a request via the website. Our manager will contact you to discuss all organizational issues.