Larch timber products

Timber products are sawn wood products of specific quality and dimensions. Trading House “Russian Style” offers timber products that are made from solid wood and retain all unique characteristics of Siberian larch.

Larch timber products sale

Decking Decking Decking

Deck board is a planed board made of solid wood and intended to be used all year round in the open air.

European lining board European lining board European lining board

European lining board is a sanded wall board featuring a specific profile and tongue and groove joint for mounting.

Facade board Facade board Facade board

Facade board is a planed finishing wood material, a kind of deck board. It is used to coat facades and finish interior design.

Floor board Floor board Floor board

Floor board is a plane solid board with edges tongued and grooved used as flooring.

Faux beam Faux beam Faux beam

Faux timber beam is a planed siding board which has a bevel and tongue and groove joint. With thickness of 20 mm or more, it is used to coat inside and outside walls made from different materials.

Block-house Block-house Block-house

Block-house is a kind of finishing board which imitates the rounded log and is used to coat interior and exterior walls to create a country style design.

Beam Beam Beam

Timber beam is a product made from the heartwood and having a square or rectangular cross-section.

Furniture board Furniture board Furniture board

Furniture board is a structural material that consists of several glued boards (strips) and is used for interior design and pieces of furniture.

Larch timber products price

Trading House “Russian Style” offers to buy high quality Siberian larch products from the manufacturer: European lining board, decking, timber beam, faux timber beam, block-house, floor board, furniture board, facade board. To learn the price of the larch timber products see the Price page. Want to buy larch timber products? You are welcome! We’ll willingly answer all your questions, and our products will meet your most demanding needs.